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Balkan Trip
My close family

My   first   CACIB!   On   the   tracks...

At least we've boarded our IC-train. Nice rooming, just an extra pair of feet - not belonging to our family, just a lady trying to hide something away (border is near). It's nice to have three places to choose from.

But how come everybody is opening our door just to look at me? Or maybe they don't have Afghans in their country,...hmmm.

This must be the rollingest CACIB ever - first referees: Yugoslav customs officers team - but why all 5 of them? Well papers are OK, the crate is nice, Carmen&Bozo have all their papers ready...result - Border Ch,BOB,BIS, BOG,yeah, yeah... (and don't forget about that other lady in the compartiment - the custom officers completely overlooked her presence, now she can put her DM back to a more habitual place...).

15 minutes go away just like that and here we are - Romanian border: nice place - too bad I can't jump through the window to chase that cat 10 m away...promising country! Of course papers OK, second borderline CACIB (this time border officers - vet maybe on sick leave, chasing something on his farm...), no need to bother you with my new titles (BOB, BIS, etc.,etc.). But No.1 is something else - I don't have to pay for my extra seat - and those two guys wondering how nice my crate is, just skipped taking the money for the seat-ticktes - reckon I can let them hug me just a little, it's a good deed to make these humans happy.

Now I'm really bored - thanks God for the empty Coke bottle (but I wish I could've tried just a little bit!) - at least I have something to chew for the next 7 hrs (6 already spent up to here).