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Of Wameru kennel - Germany

I thought you just might enjoy seeing some of my more distant 
relatives (in km)...Well actually Bavaria (Germany) isn't THAT far
from Bucharest.
So I'm presenting you the Of Wameru kennel (breeders fam. Kurhajek):
the pic just above belongs to grandma Velwet of Wameru and the pic 
below to Karnak Blackberry - my grandpa from the United Kingdom.
Aren't they nice?
But the biggest surprise I got discovering the pic on the left side
I almost thought it was me but eventually it's only cousin(?)
Kashmir of Wameru.
And when Aurel is going to really understand using this html thing 
he'll add up some more pics from Germany.

 And this is my grandfather, Karnak Blackberry, from the famous "spices" litter.